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About Us – Rotary Bangkapi

Chartered in 1968 as the 4th Rotary Club in Thailand. With the dedication of its own members. the cooperation from its Sister Clubs, the support from Rotary International, combined with the generous contributions from the public, the Club has been able to implement many projects successfully for the benefits of those in need.

Some of Our Projects

Annual Projects

  • Yearly Disabled Children outing – a day trip to the beach in Cha Am for 120 – 150 Children with body disabilities & vision impairments in collaboration with the Rotary Clubs of Lopburi, Royal Hua Hin & Eastern Seaboard (Pattaya)
  • Yearly Christmas charity outing to Baan Muang Song Thoo School in the hilly side of Kanchanburi Province in the district of Thong Pha Poon near to the border of Myanmar, providing warm clothing and other winter necessities for the over 400 preschool to grade 2 pupils.

Projects in Rural Areas

  • Clean Drinking Water and Sanitation Projects in Nakorn Sawan, Pichit, Prachinburi and Prajuab Khirikhan Province in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Sae Suwon (South Korea)
  • Prosthetic legs for children stepping on landmines near the Cambodian border – a project made possible through Rotary International’s Matching Grants.
  • Computer donations & trainig for secondary school in Pichitand Prachinburi Province
  • Libraries & Literacy projects for schools in the Minburi and Pichit areas.
  • Computers & LCD’s for children at Ban Khok Panomdee School in Prachinburi, Province in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Tokyo New Ginza, Japan.
  • Bio-gas project benefiting the children at Tha Wang Hin School in Prajuab Khirikhan Province and the villagers nearby, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Sae Suwon (South Korea)
  • Mobile unit for early tuberculosis detection and prevention, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Delhi North (India)

Bangkok & Vicinity Project

  • Libraries & Literacy projects, computer donations and computer training for needy schools with the help of Rotary Club of Sae Suwon (South Korea)
  • Joint National PolioPlus Immunization project providing oral vaccine to children in the Bangkapi area on a yearly basis
  • Computer vocational training for the disabled at the Foundation for Support & Development of disabled Persons in Pakkred, Nontaburi Province.
  • Hearing aid distribution in the Bangkapi area with the assistance of the Rotary Club of Koko-Bunji (Japan).
  • Eye examination and distribution of reading glasses to needy children at the primary schools in Bangkapi area.​

Our Members

The Charter Members

There where altogether 24 Charter members

The Bangkapi Rotary Club was chartered, July 17 1968 as club number 16255.
The provisional club had its beginning around April 1968 being sponsored by the Rotary Club of Bangkok with Dr Frederic Ayer, Dr Tipp Mongkollungsana and M.C. Kachorn Chiraprawat initiating its formation and electing Rtn Dr Fred Ayer as Provisional President and later as the Charter President. 

  • Dr Frederic Ayer
  • Dr Tipp Mongkollugsana
  • M.C. Kachorn Chirapawat
  • Prof Insee Chandrastitya
  • Dr M.L. Ekjai Kambhu
  • Mr Morgen Bey Esbensen
  • Mr Chiochan Kiengsiri
  • Mr Nguan Fooviriya
  • Mr Nitt Vikitseth
  • Mr Don Wood
  • Mr Preyach Gunakasem
  • Mr Surat Osathanugroh

  • Dr Atthasit Vejjajiva
  • Mr Sangvien Dulalumbha
  • Mr Prakaipet Intusophon
  • Mr Knut Benchkendorff
  • Dr jira Siriphoti
  • Mr George Larschinsky
  • Mr Leon Ducasse
  • Mr Marvin Epperson
  • Mr Jorge Orgibet
  • Mr Pat Rillo
  • Mr Wanlop Arunyakasem
  • Mr Finn Henrikson